Customer Service

Store opening hours

Monday to Sunday, rain or shine!

Elements store

8am to 11pm

Stanley Plaza store

8am to 10pm

Wrapping service
Present your gift with a touch of charity. At 3hreesixty, we believe in giving back to our society and our environment. That is why with just a small donation, you can have your gifts wrapped in environmentally friendly and / or recyclable materials. All donations will go to our charity partners for their efforts in preserving the earth's ecosystems, and in shaping the world for a better tomorrow.

Kid's trolley
Let the kids be part of the action while shopping at 3hreesixty. Just a note to grown-ups - please watch out for these speedy rascals.

Gift vouchers: $50 and $100
Give family and friends the ultimate gift - a gift voucher from 3hreesixty.

Complimentary Parking Service

Shop at 3hreesixty and enjoy a rewarding parking offer at Elements and Stanley Plaza.

Elements storeMinimum Spending RequirementElements Parking Offer       

Monday to Friday

(same day electronic spending)

5 hours

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

4 hours

Stanley Plaza storeMinimum Spending RequirementStanley Plaza Parking Offer

Monday to Friday


1 hour

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


1 hour